Florida Council on Arts and Culture
Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2011

In Attendance

Florida Council on Arts and Culture Department Staff
  • Katharine Dickenson, Chairman
  • Lois Benson
  • Dr. Susan Baldino
  • Xavier Cortada
  • Tim Deratany
  • Brian Diesselhorst
  • Susan Goldman
  • Dr. Barbara Hubbard
  • Robert Judd
  • Glenn Lochrie
  • Kathryn Townsend
  • Chip Weston
  • Sandy Shaughnessy, Director
  • Rachelle Ashmore
  • Don Blancett
  • Laura Blischke
  • Dr. Jeana Brunson
  • Ken Crawford
  • Jennifer Hoesing
  • Morgan Lewis
  • Lee Modica
  • Dr. Gaylen Phillips
  • Sarah Stage

I. Call to Order

Chairman Katharine Dickenson called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

II. Introduction of Council, Staff and Guests

Ms. Dickenson asked the Florida Council on Arts and Culture and department staff to introduce themselves. Guests included: Catharine Hiles, Marcy Hoffman, Shauna Lee Lang, Liz Young, Bob Raddick, Lynn Strong, Terry Olson, Jennifer Jones, Albert Syeles, Neysa Walkin-Boothe, Diane Kimes, Mark Kirby, Karen Santen, Malinda Horton, and Sherron Long.

III. Adoption of Agenda

Dr. Baldino moved approval of the agenda with Dr. Hubbard seconding.The motion carried.

IV. Approval of Minutes

Ms. Goldman moved approval of the minutes from the March 24, 2011 and May 26, 2011 Florida Council on Arts and Culture meetings.Ms. Townsend seconded the motion.The motion carried.

V. Chairman's Comments

Ms. Dickenson welcomed the Council members, staff, and guests.She also thanked the Council for their participation in recent grant panel meetings.

VI. Department of State Update

Sandy Shaughnessy thanked the Council for their service during the recent 19 panel meetings.She also thanked them for their continued advocacy efforts throughout the state.Ms. Shaughnessy updated the Council on recent staff changes, including Megan Burke's departure and Morgan Lewis's return as Individual Artists Fellowship Program Manager.

Ms. Shaughnessy announced that the Division will be launching a new campaign called Culture Builds Florida on October 25th in Tampa. Mayor Buckhorn will make the opening remarks, and several legislators have already agreed to participate. Culture Builds Florida is a statewide campaign to develop unified awareness of Florida's cultural community.The campaign was designed to grow comprehensive awareness of the public benefits of the arts.

The Division has entered into a partnership with South Arts to make use of a new tool called Arts Ready, which will be available to Florida arts and cultural organizations. Arts Ready is the only comprehensive web-based tool available for readiness and recovery preparedness for arts organizations. It was developed over a two year period, and the Division will be sponsoring selected Florida organizations in the program.

Regarding Viva Florida - the launch of "500 Days to 500 Years" in Miami went very well.Governor Scott and Secretary Browning met with the board of the España Florida Foundation, and the initiative continues to gain momentum. The next meeting is scheduled for October 24th in Tampa.

Ms. Shaughnessy announced that in April of 2012 the Division of Cultural Affairs (excluding the Museum staff) will be moving out of the R.A. Gray building and into the Dorothy Brokaw-McDougall House.It was built in the 1850's and is considered to be one of the finest remaining antebellum homes in Tallahassee. This move will save Florida taxpayers more than $80,000 per year.

VII. Museum of Florida History Update

Dr. Brunson announced that November 17th will be the opening of the next exhibit, Beaches, Creatures, and Cowboys: Florida Movie Posters.It will feature more than a dozen posters that have recently been added to the Museum's collection.

Dr Brunson also reported that the murals for the permanent exhibit will be installed on October 24th. The ship, display cases, and thatch will be installed the following week.There will be 2 interactive kiosks in each area. The completed exhibit is scheduled to be open to the public in Spring 2012.

VIII. Business Items

A. Review of Meeting Calendar

Ms. Dickenson reviewed the upcoming meeting dates. Mr. Cortada reminded the Council that Art Basel is the first week of December.On December 2nd, the Council is invited to attend the event, "Art Miami," and a reception that evening.On December 3rd, the Council is invited to have lunch with the Cultural Affairs Council of Miami Dade and attend the Art Basel fair at the Miami Convention Center.Mr. Cortada requested that Council Members that plan on participating should RSVP as soon as possible.

B. Legislative Update

Ms. Shaughnessy reported that the 2012 Legislative Session convenes on January 10, 2012 and is scheduled to end on March 9, 2012. The leadership in both legislative bodies remains the same as last year with Mike Haridopolis as President of the Senate and Dean Cannon as Speaker of the House.Organizational committee meetings were held the week of September 19-23 and the week of October 3-7 with some committees already taking up bills. Members of the following committees play an important role in the funding of the Division's programs: Senate Committee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Appropriations, and the House Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee. To find or contact your legislators, or to stay informed on proposed bills during the 2012 session, visit myfloridahouse.gov and flsenate.gov.

C. 2011 - 2012 Appropriations

Don Blancett reported the Grant Program spending plan as it was presented: 2011-2012 Appropriation

IX.Grant Programs

A. 2011-2012 Panel Reports

The Division conducted 17 grant panel meetings from September 1 through September 29, 2011 for the General Program Support and Specific Cultural Projects grant programs. See Attachments 1-17 to view the panel reports and funding recommendations. Dr. Baldino moved to accept all 17 panel reports with Ms. Goldman seconding. The motion passed.

  1. 9/1/2011: Folk Arts
  2. 9/2/2011: Museums: Levels 1, 2 and Projects
  3. 9/3/2011: Museums: Level 3
  4. 9/7/2011: Visual Arts
  5. 9/8/2011: Presenter
  6. 9/9/2011: Culture Builds Florida
  7. 9/10/2011: Arts Education and Underserved Cultural Community Development
  8. 9/14/2011: Community Theatre
  9. 9/15/2011: Professional Theatre
  10. 9/21/2011: Multidisciplinary and Literature: Levels 1 and 2
  11. 9/22/2011: Multidisciplinary: Level 3 and Projects
  12. 9/23/2011: Dance: Levels 1 and 2
  13. 9/24/2011: Dance: Level 3 and Projects
  14. 9/27/2011: Music: Levels 1 and 2
  15. 9/28/2011: Music: Level 3 and Projects
  16. 9/29/2011: Media Arts
  17. 9/29/2011: Local Arts Agency and State Service Organization

B. Council Action on 2012-2013 General Program Support and Specific Cultural Project Lists

Applicants from all panels are consolidated into two lists; one listing all eligible General Program Support Program applicants and the other listing all eligible Specific Cultural Projects Program applicants. The lists are arranged top-down by score. Once the Council has approved these lists, they will be forwarded to the Secretary of State for review and approval and will be included in the department's Legislative Budget Request which is submitted to the 2012 Legislature.See Attachments 18 for the complete General Program Support eligibility list and Attachment 19 for the complete Specific Cultural Projects eligibility list.Ms. Benson moved to approve the General Program Support and Specific Cultural Project eligibility lists with Dr. Hubbard seconding. The motion passed.

  1. Draft of Ranked Application List for 2012-2013 General Program Support
  2. Draft of Ranked Application List for 2012-2013 Specific Cultural Project

C. Individual Artist Fellowship Panel Reports for Media Arts and Visual Arts

See attachment 20 for the Media Arts panel report and attachment 21 for Visual Arts.Dr. Baldino moved to accept the Individual Artists Fellowship Panel Reports for Media Arts and Visual Arts with Ms. Goldman seconding.The motion passed.

  1. 9/30/2011: Media Arts
  2. 10/3/2011: Visual Arts

D. 2012 – 2014 State Touring Program Roster Recommendations

Dr. Phillips presented the following list of recommended artists for the State Touring Roster: 2012-2014 State Touring Program Roster

E. Cultural Endowment Program

Mr. Blancett presented two organizations that have submitted eligible applications requesting designation as Cultural Sponsoring Organizations Pensacola Opera, Inc. and Gainesville Environmental Film and Art Festival, Inc. Mr. Judd moved to designate these organizations as Cultural Sponsoring Organizations with Dr. Hubbard seconding.The motion passes.

F. 2012 – 2013 Cultural Facilities Rollover List

The Division received Rollover applications from 18 Cultural Facilities applicants with a total funding request of $5,993.366.Neither the governing Statutes nor program rules require that Rollover applications be reviewed by the Florida Council on Arts and Culture prior to submission to the Secretary of State, only that the organizations satisfy program eligibility requirements and provide project and budget updates.Organizations are not permitted to change the project scope or venue, or to request increased funding. All 18 Cultural Facilities applications submitted the required information and are eligible to be considered for funding by the 2012 Legislature.The list of Cultural Facilities projects is as follows: 2012-2013 Cultural Facilities Program Rollover List

Ms. Benson moved to approved the 2012 – 2013 Cultural Facilities Program rollover list with Ms. Townsend seconding.The motion passed.

G. 2012 – 2013 Cultural Endowment Priority List

Mr. Blancett presented the list of organizations that have satisfies the program requirements for the receipt of a $240,000 State Matching Share.The 2011 Florida Legislature reviewed State Matching Share requests from 32 organizations.The Legislature did not appropriate funds for the Cultural Endowment Program and 2 organizations asked to be removed from the Priority List. In June, 2011, the Division added 1 additional organization to the Priority List.

There are now 31 organizations on the Cultural Endowment Program Priority List.All 31 organizations have been designated Cultural Sponsoring Organizations (CSO) and have deposited at least $360,000 in their Cultural Endowment Program fund in fulfillment of program requirements.All are eligible to receive a $240,000 State Matching Share (SMS).

The following is a list of organizations that have complied with the requirements of the Cultural Endowment Program and are eligible to receive a $240,000 State Matching Share (SMS).The list, in priority order by Compliance Date, will be submitted to the 2012 Florida Legislature for funding consideration.

2012-2013 Cultural Endowment Priority List

Dr. Baldino moved to approve the Cultural Endowment Priority list for submission to the 2012 Florida Legislature for funding consideration with Ms. Goldman seconding. The motion passed.

IX. Open Council Discussion

Ms. Benson welcomed the new Council members and encouraged all Council members to chair panel meetings.

X. Public Comment


XI. Conclusion

With no further public comment, the meeting concluded at 10:25 a.m.

Katharine Dickenson, Chairman

Dr. Barbara Hubbard, Secretary

Sandy Shaughnessy, Director

Date minutes approved: